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We would like to give you an overview of our properties in the Kingdom of Swaziland which is on the eastern side of South Africa.

The properties are situated in Mbabane which is the capital and has a temperate climate.
They are 1100 metres above sea level with summer rainfall and dry sunny winters.

the house

The properties comprise a charming 4 bedroom house with a two bedroom cottage situate on 4,3573 hectares (10.8 acres) and the adjacent farm of 154,2735 hectares (381.2 acres)
The properties have tar road access and are 2,400 metres (one and a half miles) from the centre of the city. All the municipal services are available on site namely water, electricity, telephone and waste disposal.

sheba's breasts

The house is called Vale of Avoca and the farm Tyrone Timbers. They overlook the Ezulwini Valley (Ezulwini is the Zulu word for heaven) and the twin mountain peaks of Sheba’s Breasts are visible. They inspired Rider Haggard to write King Solomons Mines after hem saw them.


The farm has several perennial streams and a small river with a substantial 15 metre high waterfall that is about 200 metres from the house. The stream water is clean enough to drink. It has wild parts with indigenous flora, pine and eucalyptus plantations, rockfaces and open grasslands. About 50% of the property (75 hectares) is suitable for development. There are no restrictions on landing helicopters. It is a truly unique and beautiful property.

Both the properties are title deed (freehold) and are on offer as a combined unit at US $ 5 million.

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